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What are the benefits of Osteopathy for Babies, Toddlersand Children ?

Updated: Mar 14

​Our team of expert osteopaths is committed to assisting families with young children. We offer osteopathy services specifically tailored for children, toddlers, and babies, aiming to promote their overall health, growth, and development. By focusing on play-based learning, our osteopaths for children aim to detect any potential concerns related to symmetry, posture, coordination, and movement, and proactively address them to prevent future complications.

Common reasons for children osteopathy

Families visit our clinic for a range of reasons, including routine check-ups and seeking reassurance about their children's well-being. Our approach to children's osteopathy emphasizes family-centered care and a collaborative, multidisciplinary team approach to promote the health and well-being of both mothers and infants.

  • postural issues, alignment, and balance

  • movement and coordination concerns

  • musculoskeletal development and growth issues

  • assess muscles, joints, tendons, and nerves after injury

  • Post-surgery and injury rehabilitation

  • breastfeeding or bottle-feeding difficulties

  • improve tummy time, rolling, and crawling

  • flat head syndrome (plagiocephaly)

  • head preference turned to one side

  • unsettledness and related issues

  • support optimal health

Children osteopathic sessions are tailored to meet the needs of the child and parent

  1. History Case history including pregnancy, birth, medical, and development milestones.

  2. Examination Observation of autonomic responses, growth, development, and neuromusculoskeletal assessment.

  3. Treatment Hands-on techniques to reduce tension, and improve range of motion and body symmetry.

  4. Management Personalised advice and tips on lifestyle factors and considerations for the family unit.

  5. Referral Identify any factors that require additional care or referral to other health professionals.

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