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Bulb Fertility+ programme

Increase your chances of conceiving a healthy baby.
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You’ve decided it’s the right time to have your baby but your attempts at conceiving are not leading to the outcome you desire so much…Your hopes of falling pregnant quickly and easily, have turned into a mad quest to pregnancy where your frustration grows stronger each month (usually when you get your periods). Your excitement and anticipation have been replaced with guilt and overwhelm. 


The road to conceiving can be a physically and emotionally challenging journey. Whether you’re trying to have your first baby, or you’re struggling to conceive again after easily falling pregnant the first time, conception can feel complicated and lonely when you don’t have the support you need. 


We created Bulb Fertility+ to help you understand your body and your fertility, support your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing to increase your chances of conceiving a healthy baby and also bring JOY back into the process of trying to conceive!


In a study by Harvard University, women accessing a mind/body programme were twice as likely to conceive as those who didn't. So, we put together the expertise of our awesome holistic practitioners at Bulb to offer tailored mind/body support and resources to make this journey the most educational, enjoyable and successful it can be. 

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Couples who want to enhance their health and wellbeing in order to increase their chances of a healthy conception, a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

"It takes two to tango" as the saying goes and we believe it is important to address both the male and female partners' fertility and overall health to get the best outcomes.

If you're a Solo Mother, we welcome you to the programme and will give you the best care and support you need to achieve your goal.

Natural conception: for couples who have just started their journey to conceive or have already been trying for a while and want to use this programme to thoroughly assess their wellbeing and reset their physical and emotional health.

Medically assisted conception: for couples who are choosing IVF or other methods and who want to be supported during their journey by a team of holistic practitioners who will be working alongside their primary care providers to increase their chances of success.

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Here are the different modalities that we recommend at Bulb to support your fertility:


Naturopathy is the practice of looking at the body as a whole, identifying nutrient deficiencies that impact fertility, pregnancy and healthy development of baby. Our naturopath will use a range of modalities, nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy in order to enhance and support your fertility.


Osteopathy for preconception will help you release any tension that may negatively impact your health and fertility. Our osteopath will provide treatments to improve your blood flow, your nervous system and the mechanical tensions around your pelvis and the main hormonal glands linked to your reproductive system.


Traditional Chinese Medicine employs a unique and holistic system to search for health imbalances which may hinder fertility. Our acupuncturist will provide acupuncture treatments aimed at restoring balance between all organs and energy systems in the body, supporting healthy menstrual cycles and ovulation, as well as supporting your body's natural detoxification pathways.


Coaching sessions will equip you with the tools you need to successfully navigate your fertility journey emotionally, mentally and physically. Our life coach will support you in maintaining a positive mindset and help you address any insecurities or fears related to fertility and conception. She will help you address practical aspects such as stress management and strategies to lower your exposure to environmental toxins which may affect your physical health and your ability to conceive.

3 Options to choose from 

"My partner and I learned a lot during this programme. We got a better appreciation of what we were putting into our bodies and why it mattered. This includes both eating and hygiene products. It also got us to think deeply about why we were embarking on this journey of having a baby and challenging pre-conceived ideas." E & S

"I’m really happy with this programme. The practitioners work very well together and it was easy to talk to them all. I’m less stressed, I feel better in my body and I understand it better. I managed to change my routines to make them more supportive as I try to conceive. The extra resources provided are extremely useful and easy to implement."J & B

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Learn in your own time

Bulb Fertility+, the book

If you’re tired of scouring the web to find answers to your questions, if you’re draining in a pile of conflicting information on how to boost your fertility, this book is for you! In it, we have gathered the essentials you need to know about your fertility, how the female and male reproductive systems work, the main factors that will affect your ability to conceive and how to navigate them with comprehensive resources that will help support your health and wellbeing.

Get a sneak peek at the contents table HERE 

Purchase the eBook HERE.

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DIY Journey

Your choice of practitioners
from $599

With this option, you get to choose which practitioners you’d like to work with: naturopath, osteopath, acupuncturist and/or life coach. Each practitioner provides a set number of sessions to improve your mental, emotional and physical health to support your fertility. Whether you’re choosing to conceive naturally or have decided to go down the medically assisted path, you can pick and choose one or more of our practitioners to assist you and combine their treatments with those of your existing support team.
You’ll also get our awesome Bulb Fertility+ book when you choose this option.

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Deep dive into your fertility

3 months holistic fertility programme 

A multi-disciplinary programme over 3 months crafted for you, where all our practitioners are involved to provide you with optimal pre-conception care. You’ll get the structure, guidance and motivation you need to make some important physical, emotional and lifestyle changes in order to be the most fertile version of you, no matter which stage of the conception journey you're at!
Our comprehensive Bulb Fertility+ book is included when you choose this option as well as additional resources customised to your needs.

You'll receive 10% discount if you pay in full. Payment plans available.  


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