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Lactation Consultant

Image by Victoria Strukovskaya

A lactation consultant is a health professional who specializes in breastfeeding.

Lactation consultants undergo specialized training and certification to offer support, advice and guidance to people who chose to breastfeed.

Lactation consultants are usually needed during the first few weeks of your baby's life when they're still learning how to feed from the breast. Lactation consultants can help anyone — first-time parents, surrogate mothers or parents who've already breastfed several children. You can visit a lactation consultant while you are still pregnant, right after you give birth or several months into breastfeeding.

Breast Milk Pump

Breastfeeding can be difficult — both emotionally and physically. Sometimes a lactation consultant's best quality is being a source of emotional support and encouragement. The first few weeks of your baby's life are the most important time for establishing breastfeeding.


As a lactation consultant I will work with you and your baby to increase your chances of having a long and successful breastfeeding experience. Ideally come before your baby has 7 weeks old and your baby is due for a feed.

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I work with you to understand your goals for breastfeeding and help you put together a plan, while also answering any questions you have. Lactation consultants work best when they can touch your breasts and nipples and see how your baby is latching. 

I will see you at the clinic within the first few days of giving birth. This time is critical for establishing breastfeeding and for your baby's weight gain.

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