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Pregnancy Care at Bulb

Pregnancy care at Bulb will help you enjoy a healthy pregnancy, relieve aches and pains 
and support your body's changing needs throughout the trimesters.
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Expecting a baby, especially the first time around, represents a major life transition in most families. The changes that occur with pregnancy can affect you physically and emotionally. Although a woman's body will naturally adapt to the needs of her growing baby, there's much that can be done to prevent and alleviate physical discomforts along the trimesters. Increasing your mental and emotional wellbeing will help you feel at your best during this important phase of your life and in preparation for birth and the postnatal phase.

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Whether you're looking for physical and emotional support in order to have a healthy pregnancy, or to prepare for labour and the arrival of baby in the family, our practitioners will help you and your little one feel at your best on this journey.


At Bulb, all our practitioners use a holistic mind/body approach. They are committed to supporting you in having the healthiest and most comfortable pregnancy possible which involves eating well and staying active of course, but also addressing stress, regulating emotions and increasing calm. ​You can read some of the articles that our practitioners have written for your wellbeing during pregnancy here

Here are the services we provide and that we will tailor to your specific needs:


Osteopathy during pregnancy supports the changes in your body as they arise. 

The treatments will ensure your body is well aligned and will help alleviate any pain that could cause tension. Osteopathic care in pregnancy is safe, effective and encouraged to prevent and treat issues, such as: lower back, hip, rib and groin pain, pelvic pain and instability, sciatica and nerve pain, breathing difficulties, reflux or constipation. Osteopathy during pregnancy is indicated to maintain postural balance and optimise baby’s position in preparation for labour.


Naturopathy can support you in getting the optimum intake of nutrients to support your health and your growing baby's health throughout the trimesters. Adequate nutritional support can also help you cope with the demands of labour and the postnatal period. Naturopathy, combined with herbal medicine, can help alleviate the discomfort sometimes associated with pregnancy: morning sickness, fatigue, constipation, insomnia or stress. 


Acupuncture can be helpful in improving blood supply to the uterus, reducing swelling to hands & feet, regulating digestion, easing back pain, reducing stress & improving sleep. Acupuncture is known to work on these common ailments of pregnancy by tweaking the central nervous system through the application of acupuncture needles in precise points of the body, creating changes & manipulating pain receptors in the body. 


Your pregnancy can be accompanied by lots of mixed emotions, questions and doubts about your changing body, your relationships, the birth or the early months of being a parent. Coaching and counselling can be a great way to share your concerns in a safe and supportive space and learn ways to manage your emotions, deal with stress and regain a sense of calm and confidence.

Additional services
Pregnancy eBook

Learn in your own time

In this comprehensive eBook, we have gathered the essentials you need to know about your pregnancy: how your body changes throughout the trimesters and how to best address the evolving needs of your body. We also address how to manage stress and lower the toxic load you and your baby may be exposed to. 

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The Birth of a Mother 

A workshop for expecting mothers who want to know how to manage the first few months after giving birth and how to take care of themselves, not just the baby!
In the company of other mums-to-be, you will explore how to navigate the changes you're going through with confidence. You will be given tools and resources (including a postnatal plan to fill in) to help you have a truly supportive and nurturing postnatal experience.

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Pregnancy Massage

Relax and Unwind

We offer pregnancy massages in the second and third trimester. Massage therapy during pregnancy is a wonderful complimentary choice for prenatal care. It is a healthy way to reduce stress and promote overall wellness. Massage relieves many of the normal discomforts experienced during pregnancy, such as backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches and edema (or swelling).

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