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Couple Coaching

What's the goal?

Getting to know yourself and your partner to being happy together.
This coaching  aim to give keys to communication, create agreements, avoid conflicts and keep your love alive, vibrant and joyful.
This holistic couple coaching enables you to :

  • Strengthen your emotional intelligence

  • Being on teh same wavelength with your partner

  • Putting affectivity and intimacy at the heart of your relationship

  • keeping the spark in your relationship

  • Planning your family deployment

When to come?
  •  Planning to get married

Develop your emotional intelligence, listening skills and empathy, to maintain a climate of mutual respect, trust and love.

  • Planning a family

Asking the right questions before conceiving a child, preparing for its arrival and the associated upheavals, and supporting each other are the keys to a happy couple.

  • Happy family

With the arrival of children, happy couples become a solid, respectful and supportive team. The home then remains a place of emotional security for all family members, enabling them to develop their full potential.

  • A powerful state of mind

Bouncing on the waves of life as a couple by developing a creative, open and fluid state of mind helps preserve a joyful and vibrant married life. It also means cultivating relationship, love and erotic intelligence.

Couple coaching
couple coaching

Taking care of your relationship starts now

Living happily as a couple over the long term is possible. It’s a daily commitment, a source of immense joy that nourishes both partners and the whole family. I’m passionate about accompanying couples at every stage of their relationship: commitment, conception, the arrival of a child, crisis, to ensure that their relationship remains vibrant and alive over the long term.

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