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Osteopathy for stress relief

The osteopath can intervene as much during an acute stress response as when the stress is more chronic. It is therefore beneficial for the patient to consult ahead of events that they know can be stressful, such as medical examinations, conflict situations or even during festive periods when the body is placed under an increased amount of stress.

General Adaptation Syndrome or GAS is the three-stage process that describes the physiological changes the body goes through when under stress.Hans Selye, a medical doctor and researcher, came up with the theory of GAS which is represented in the diagram below.

The aim is to regulate the neuro-endocrine system, through osteopathy, so that the first two stages of stress (alert and resistance) go smoothly and that the hormonal mechanisms of stress do not enter into a vicious circle leading to the stage of exhaustion.

Nevertheless, don’t worry, it’s never too late! If, like many patients, you are already at the stage of chronic stress and you have some symptoms such as heart palpitations, bloating, intestinal cramps, muscle spasms, back pain, delayed menstruation or issues with fertility, all is not lost. The osteopath will be able to act on your symptoms by regulating muscle hyperactivity and hypersensitivity of organs, working on the affected structures and their environment.

Similarly, the osteopath will be balancing the neuro-endocrine system with cranio-sacral techniques and in particular the neuro-vegetative system that controls the so-called "stress" and "calm" states. This will be an important goal of the osteopathic treatment in order to get you out of this state of chronicity.

Combined with the practice of a sport, breathing exercises or relaxation and overall a better lifestyle, osteopathy can greatly improve your body's ability to manage stress effectively and return to a state of well-being. Don’t wait for pain.

Author: Cecile Parain, Osteopath and Owner of Bulb. After 2 years studying medicine in France, Cecile decided to change course for Osteopathy. She graduated in 2008 from COP Aix-Marseille (France) after 5 years of full-time training. Since graduating, she has worked in South of France and Reunion Island in her own clinic. In 2015, she moved to Sydney and settle definitively in the Eastern Suburbs where she took over Bulb Osteopathy. Find out more about her work HERE.

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