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How to help your body fight viruses with aromatherapy

The first thing to understand before we move forward is the difference between virus and bacteria.

That’s very important because as attackers, they use specific tools and our aromatic tool defence box will need to be accustomed to those attackers specifically.

Virus or bacteria. What is the difference?

Viruses are not living things.

They cannot live without a host cell. A virus outside a body is called a virion. From the moment it penetrates the body and hijacks the mitochondria to settle there and forces it to reproduce its genetic material, it becomes a virus.

Viruses live because of us, and rely on our energy. That’s why we feel generally tired when facing a viral attack which is not necessary the case with a bacterial one.

Bacteria are living things.

They don’t need us to live. That's the main difference.

Why is this so important?

Because the virus survival relies on us, it needs to spread, at the fastest speed! The more it will replicate, the better chance it will survive. So in case of virus attack, we need to fight back quickly. They replicate at a very high pace!

That’s why we can feel very well in the morning and the following hour, feel a bit stiff, with pain around the eyes an itchy in the throat... and at the end of the day, we are totally exhausted. After 24 hours, if we did nothing to change the situation, things got usually worse. A fast answer is the key! Don’t wait an hour on two or the virus will taking profit of it and gain more ground.

Your aromatic defence tool box

Different interfaces are used to receive an aromatic treatment. We can inhale it, apply it on the skin or take it orally (The “French aromatherapy school” uses large amounts of essential oils, often via ingestion)

We are here going to choose the skin medium. The skin is the most important surface available on our body. This large surface will be able to receive large amounts of essential oils and compete efficiently the virus spread.

The “recipe”

We’ll need a carrier oil to dilute the essential oils. Sweet almond, apricot kernel or macadamia oil all have a good affinity with the skin and will help the synergy to sink deeply and reach the blood stream.

You’ll find below a choice of relevant essential oils for viruses affecting the respiratory system. Use organic ones when you can. (They are concentrated material. If the plant received pesticides, it will be concentrated too in the product.)

You won’t blend everything together but rather keep the carrier oil and the synergy of essential oils separated, to adapt the dilution to the family members, regarding their age.

“Immunity Blend”

Tip: 1ml is approx. 25 drops

  • Saro or Eucalyptus Radiata 5ml

  • Thyme Linalool or Tea tree 3ml

  • Chamomile 1ml

  • Clove bud 1ml

For babies from 12 to 30 months who don’t have allergies or prone to convulsions or epilepsy.

  • Quantity 10 drops carrier oil + 10 drops of “Immunity Blend”

  • Frequency 5-6 times / Day

  • Modality Start on the sole of the feet, then back and chest for a week

From 31 months to 6 years old who don’t have allergies or prone to convulsions or epilepsy.

  • Quantity 6 drops carrier oil + 10 drops of “Immunity Blend”

  • Frequency 5-6 times / Day

  • Modality On chest, back and sole of the feet for a week

From 6 years to 12 years old

  • Quantity 10 drops carrier oil + 10 drops of “Immunity Blend”

  • Frequency 5-6 times

  • Modality On chest, back and sole of the feet for a week

From 12 years old to Adult age

  • Quantity 10 drops carrier oil + 10 drops of “Immunity Blend"

  • Frequency First 2 hours: 2 applications, then 1 application per hour

  • Modality 2 drops in massage on each of the following body parts: chest, inside of the arms and thighs, on the buttocks, knees, shoulders, back (on the vertebrae) and sole of the feet for a week. Don't lower your guard when you start to feel better, but diminish gradually instead.

Nota Bene

Your aromatic tool box will be a great help here, but keep in mind that your immunity comes mainly from your gut. Cut off on sugar, pastas and dairy while under virus pressure. You will greatly help your defence system.

Author: Sarah Signor, certified Aromatherapist. She studied in France with Cécile Ellert, a recognised authority on holistic aromatherapy and in Australia, where she got a Master Clinical Aromatherapist Diploma.

She approaches aromatherapy holistically which means that you'll work with Sarah to look at the whole picture that makes you or your child who you/they are as a person, not simply a case of symptoms or issues. She can give you advice on the use of essential oils to reach optimal health and wellbeing. You can find out more about Sarah and her work HERE.

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