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As research continues to reveal the importance of proper nutrition for a healthy body, nutritionists  are taking on larger roles as part of the care team. These healthcare professionals have undergone specialized training and gained certifications to give nutrition advice and help you improve your health.

Nutritionists can create diet plans, teach you about eating and help you address unhealthy eating behaviors. They specialize in helping you find foods you and your body love.

Food Ingredients in Bowls

 Here are some of the top reasons that you may need a nutritionist:

  • To treat digestion problems, food allergies or intolerance

  • To boost athletic performance

  • To help with fertility

  • to help with metabolic conditions like PCOS

  • To have the healthiest pregnancy possible

  • To support you in post-natal

  • To lose weight and keep it

  • To boost athletic performance

  • To control diabetes

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Your initial consultation is a comprehensive deep dive into your presenting symptoms as well as your medical and family history, lifestyle and environment and a thorough understanding of all your bodily systems including your mental and emotional state. We will also take a thorough look at your diet and assess for any macro or micronutrient deficiencies. From this consult, I may refer you for further functional or pathological testing and give you a unique plan...

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