Billy Gascoyne

Podiatrist & Manual Therapist

My Story

I hold a degree in health science and podiatry from WSU 2013. I come from a sporting background suffering injuries and pain. There developed a gravitating desire to find the cause of pain and dysfunction, treating with honesty and compassion. 


Since graduating I have been mentored in the latest innovative manual therapy techniques. I hold high level training in manual therapy and fascial manipulation through the Jones Institute Australia, Counterstain Academy and Barral institute. 

My Services

​My interests lie in treating complex injuries and unresolved pain such as:

  • Knee damage,

  • meniscus injury,

  • chronic ankle pain,

  • shin splints, tendonitis,

  • bursitis of the hip and knee,

  • Lateral hip pain,

  • pelvic pain.

I don’t claim to provide miracle cures or false hope but rather objectively restoring fascial tension using simple decompression techniques. 


Contact me on how I may be able to help resolve your physical lower limb pain.

 The best way to contact me is by email from Monday to Saturday.